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If you have never had to deal with a check engine light before on your automobile, or you had a bad experience the last time, then you are probably wondering if this means you are in for a high dollar engine repair or even worse – engine replacement service. Here at Yaffo Auto Service, we have more than 15 years of experience helping our customers navigate this sometimes tricky situations with their automobiles. When you need a mechanic who will tell you nothing but the truth and give you options, you have found the right team to take care of you.

Many of our customers find they find themselves asking the question if it is time to see out a major engine repair or not once their auto starts to age. Some of the symptoms include seeing a degradation of performance, fuel economy dropping significantly, and the acceleration of the vehicle starting to degrade. Depending on the number of miles your auto has, these could all be indicators that you need to get the vehicle’s engine repaired. Another big indicator of there needing to be major attention paid to the vehicle is if you start hearing a loud knocking sound coming from the engine. These sounds usually indicate there is a big issue with the engine bearings. As they become worn out due to either not following the oil change requirements or just due to age, they will start to make a loud knocking noise. Many times, if you have left this condition to persist too long, our mechanics will need to help you with rebuilding the bottom of the engine. Have no fear; however, as our team is here for you. No matter what indications that you are seeing with your auto’s engine, we can take care of you. Please give our staff a call today with any questions that you have for us. We will always give you a free estimate of our services. Call today.


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