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Wheel Alignment

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With the rapid technological advances in automobiles that are driven today, it can sometimes prove to be a challenge for an automobile owner to keep up with all of the mandatory and recommended maintenance on their vehicle. One of the most important services to get when required is a wheel alignment. Unfortunately, during the more than 15 years that we have been serving customers in the local area at Yaffo Auto Service, we have found that this is also one of the most overlooked services by car and truck owners.

We are a full-service auto repair shop Orland Park , and we can take care of this and any other routine or corrective maintenance service need that your vehicle has. If you are not sure if your auto needs an alignment, some of the symptoms that you can look out for include: 1 - the steering wheel not being centered while driving on a flat road, 2 – the car pulls to one side or another when trying to drive straight, 3 – the handling of the car feels extremely loose, 4 – there is abnormal tire wear on the auto’s tires, and 5 – the steering wheel wrong return to the center after completing a turn. If you notice any of these symptoms, then it is probably a good time to schedule a service appointment with our garage for this and any other routine maintenance that your automobile requires like an oil change or tire rotation. By taking early action on getting an alignment done, you will also save money on not prematurely wearing out the tires on your auto. During the check, our technicians will also verify the steering and suspension components on your vehicle. Once we complete the service, you will be very happy with how much smoother your car drives. Call today to make your service appointment.


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